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The Birth of the Yolo


Last year, when a bunch of everyday traders sent GameStop's stock through the roof, it caught all of Wall Street by surprise. I was the executive producer of The Journal., the narrative daily news podcast from WSJ and Gimlet. Our producer Annie Minoff wanted to understand what was happening. She spent two months falling down the meme stock rabbit hole.

She recorded dozens of interviews, found archival audio strewn across the internet, and began crafting a five-episode miniseries about what happened. I was one of the editors on the series, helping Annie structure the overall arc, refine the scripting and soundbites, and craft two of the episodes.

I edited episode two, a surprising, self-contained story about the first-ever Yolo trade. It involves a mysterious Reddit user in a wolf mask. You can listen to it here or find a trailer for the whole series here.

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